Here you will be able to find some of ideas if you like to make some of your own weapons for training

Here as I promised, the first article on how you can make yourself some of the tools for training, or for self-defense, which is perhaps even more important.
Regardless of the fact that the laws in some states, a bit "strange", each one of us from the Budo world, knows that when it comes to the defense of their own lives or our loved ones, only one law is essential,  to SURVIVE

The first text in this column will be on making Bo shuriken,
because it is the simplest tool and a large number of everyday things you can turn into a shuriken, with little or no effort at all.

“Training is the important thing in life for all living beings, the more we practice, increases our chances for survival and success in the life course.”

I'l start with ordinary, construction nails,  Bo shuriken it is nail,

to convert the nail in the bo shuriken I will use the simplest of hand tools,
saw for iron and rasp, (for metal of course)

So, it is common that when a nail comes out of factory is not sharp enough for the purpose of training shurikenjutsu,
 to make our  bo shuriken better sharp, we use rasp (or a grinder)

why rasp?, because we are talking about Ninjutsu, that means less noise:)
but in that way we not burn the tip of shuriken when grind with rasp

Why does it matter? Grinder has great speed, that creates more friction, (if not cooled metal often) it's easy to become a black tip, we call it burned tip, this means that the result of high temperature is metal who become softer than usual, so too soft and may be difficult to stab at target, it is easy to bend tip.

 photo's :)

like I say before, for start you need hand tool

buy nails, length 20 cm or 18 cm, that length is more than enough

On longer nails (20 cm) cut off rib section as shown in the picture (1.),
on short nails (18 cm) cut off only the "head" of nails, also shown in the picture (2.)

now following grinding, violations of machining such as chips (1.), or rib section that  we not removed on the shorter nails, should grind with finer rasp (2.),
as you see on pic. below, tip of nail originally is not sharp enough (3.),
we could just fix it a bit like I was do it, make him just sharper and angle stay same(4.)

If you are wondering what angle of tip Bo shuriken is ideal, then, in my humble opinion it  was a  similar to one on the pencil (4.)
so number 1. is tip from factory
number 2. is when we just re sharp tip
and 3. is like it should be

My advice is to never grind the tip to looks like it is on pencil,
generally this kind of tip offers more resistance to penetration of the target, also when you exercise on a wooden target, produces more noise
(especially when  target is a board, it is acoustic)
as you see on number 3.
when is tip square, then the edges serving as blades that cut sides while penetrating the target, and Bo shuriken goes dipper into target, 
normally when we talk about our enemy that is important

here is some tools which also could be bo shuriken, 
you  just need to re shape and re sharp tip's, as I have marked with black lines,

A and B is my original shuriken's,  and G is one from tool  set  which is no good for shuriken

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