Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ninja biken, Sinobigatana, Ninja to?

Although it is hard to say which is actually a real name for this type of sword, he is become not replaceable in training of Ninjutsu.
This type of bokken I we make the past ten years, what you could see below is the latest improved version,  in fact, several of them, never do just one solution : ))

and  surprise under Kashira, metsubishi : )

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


There is a weapon called Tanrenbo or Furibo
although perhaps similar to Tsukubo (the mace), actually serves as a weight, by which we strengthen the hands for later use of sword in Kenjutsu.
It could be classified as Suburito too, 
because their weight is not too heavy,
by their shape, they are still classified as Tanrenbo, 

Today they are used all sorts of things to improve grip strength, but for me personally the best is this classic, traditional and natural tools.
Most of Tanrenbo you could  found is, round, octagonal and square shapes, but I decided for the hexagon shape, for the simple reason that it is harder to make.