Sunday, 20 May 2012

Tessen-gunsen gata style

Here is basic version of tesssen, or Tenarashi-gata tessen, made of solid  iron, in shape of closed fan,
weight of this tessen is 540 gram, very powerful tool.

Also I make tool for engrave metal, so take a look and if you like to engrave you something else I could now

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Tekken or knuckles

Dear Budo friends,

her is one more shinken tool of Ningu, or if you like one of kobudo weapon.
also made for the collection of the tools for my Dojo, the plan is make the largest collection of replica ninja tools and equipment in this part of the world.
I always try to make things better, so I make more pieces, best goes to Dojo armory,  and rest you will be able to purchase if you are interested.

This kind of Tekken (some say Kaiken) because of its geometry and shapes, can be used in many ways, not only striking, but also to assist in climbing, or for something more which I will try to explain in next post.

if you think that I'm forget my wooden work here is also one  wooden version of Tekken 
as was shown in the Encyclopedia of Japanese Kobudo Weapons
the same but with a little patina, painted to look older