Shortly about me;

I'm Petar Antunovic,
born 1972. in Pakrac, Croatia
a carpenter by profession,
working with wood for 30 years, 
member of the Bujinkan since 1994, 
now member of Bujinkan Seishin Dojo Pakrac,
and a wooden weapon made ​​from 1986, when begins my interest in martial arts
Some of you may recognize my work from time when I had a website www.paart.hr which not exist any more

About my weapons;
because I'm perfectionist by nature, and practically everything I see I can make,
my weapons look similar but still different, better.
If you look closely, you will see the difference.
The greatest emphasis I put on detail and quality, not just the quality of materials, but also the quality of work.
So if you search for "blemish" on my weapons, then it's about durability (long lasting).
A friend of mine said, "when I buy a bokken, and he survive a year or two of hard training, it's a good bokken, but I have your bokken for five years and is still good, man, it's more than good bokken".
Also, what makes my training weapons different , is an attempt that looks almost like the "original", and you have the possibility to work with him everything would be done with the real one, except of course, cutting.
If you ask me why this is so important, then I can only say this;
  times have changed, technology has also, so we today can do something that has not been possible before
and most important, the fact that these types of weapons almost does not make any more and if you manage to find some, then it is quite expensive
So this what I do (I think), is a good alternative to still have something authentic, especially I think it's good for those who transmit knowledge to others.
How would otherwise explain to people the purpose and method of implementation if you use a tool for training that is "incomplete", badly made.
Of course, you can say to people "imagine", but it was never the same.

About material's; 
wood used for making, is from my private forest, and the entire process from catting trees to final product I do personally, sometimes with family help  (except sawmilling, but by creating a mini sawmill this year that will change) in such way I have 100% control over the quality of materials.
Also for making I use only the first log (2-3 meters from the root), because this is the best part of the tree.
Also (especially for bokken) used the natural curvature of the wood, which is the best guarantee of durability.

I also use local wood species, which have historically proven quality in the making of various tools, one of them is hornbeam, which structure is so good connected as you could see on pic. below,

Some of these tree species are very rare, such as dogwood for example, (pic. below is old dogwood bush), 
this tree grows very slowly, annual increment of this wood is sometimes just a third of a millimeter(second pic. below)
this is the reason why the price for such materials is bigger.