Sunday, 18 November 2018

Dojo wall Kake, second version

Dear Budo friends,

here is second version of wall kake primary for Dojo, but also for your private colection if you have large number of items for display. On this pictures you could see few wall stands made for Bujinkan Seishin Dojo Croatia, located in Zagreb (capital city of Croatia), Dojo Cho is Shihan Dean Rostohar.
Stand was made from lime tree wood, sens this wood have nice light color and it is strong but not too heavy.

The stands are made in three different widths, while the length is same and 16 items can be placed on each stand.
As you can see the broad rack is for a long items shuch are Yari, Naginata, long sticks, the middle rack is for items like swords middle size sticks, and the narrow rack is for a short items like is tanto, jitte, tessen etc.

The specificity of this version is a sample seen from the side, while the dimensions, such as the width and number of tools that can be display on the rack, could be made by your request.

For more information you could contact me on e-mail.

stand for long items,

stand for swords,

stand for short items 

Aikido buki set kake

Dear budo friends,

here is another desk or floor stand for swords or for your buki. This one is made of solid oak which is easy to assemble or disassemble into the basic parts.

As you can see in this case, the stand is personalized to the customer's wishes, it have Kanji symbols made by burniing iron.

The stand is lacquered with a transparent mat laqer,  this highlights the natural color of wood.
This version of the stand seems to be perfect for Aikido practitioners and their basic set (bokken, Jo and tanto), butaslso could be good for daito, shoto and tanto.

few pic. of disassemble stand, that show way of conection before stand was finished and during making, to show perfection of wood joint. Hope you like it:                                                              

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Hexagonal Bo Stuff

for now just some pictures of this Hexagonal Bo Stuff

mor info soon

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Shinden Fudo Ryu bokken, old style

From some old informations and old phtos find this Shinde Fudo Ryu bokken

for now just pictures without fat tsuba

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Kukishinden Ryu Bokken, green version

Here is another old project, Kukishinden Ryu bokken but new thing is color and way of painting saya, in case that you look for something special.

I apologize for the quality of pictures, they are recorded with a smartphone.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Brown Saya wakizashi

Hello Budo friends,

here is something new, for all who knows that saya was not always black, coloring Saya is a special kind of craftsmanship. There is many colors, patterns and decorations of saya, I will try to apply some of them on my bokkens.

Kodachi with Jabara ito tsukamaki and menuki

This kodachi was made in May 2016, but sens I was to busy posting this now as sample of something new.

It have dark green (not original) jabara ito tsukamaki without "tome" (final knot on the end of tsuka), reason, it was just prototype, until I learn to work with jabaraito :)

Kodachi is made from hornbeam wood with plastic saya and black cotton sageo, it have menuki from real branch to folow idea, wooden sword wooden menuki.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

O-Tsuchi, new version

This is my last wersion of O-Tsuchi, make ih original style,
as you see it easy to detach handle from hammer head.

Wooden Tanegashima for practice

This is first prototype of wooden Tanegashima for practice, it was made from heavy oak, laquered with transparent laquer.

it will be more versions in different size.

There are no details on this version such as front sight, rear sight, trigger or hammer, reason for that is to prevent injuries of a partner during training.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

To all people who visit this Blog, PAART workshop wish you


also after long time! soon I start to make some new and also old Budo equipment