Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Simple Ken wooden sword

Dear Buyus,

I saw that in Japan sensei's and student's use this kind of wooden Ken, so I decide to make my version, 
similar to Japanese Ken bokken's

all dimensions are adaptable to your request and wishes

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Shinobi Tanto

first model of this kind of shinobi tanto was made 2000 for Taikai in Holland, since then there have been several modifications, and this is the last one, enjoy,

more photo soo, more info soon

two versions

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Ken Bokuto

Since this year the theme in the Bujinkan is Ken, 
here is wooden training Ken, with wooden saya, it was been done according to the Soke's  Ken showed at his video and DVD "Ken, Tachi & Katana".

Although according to some archives and and Professional Nihonto Journal, blade of Ken ranges from 38 cm to 58 cm.

Of course this is only the first one, and is unfinished, so follow the further development 
all of you who are interested in this type of bokuto you could contact me if you like some of my versions,
 or if you wish that I make you some of your versions, by Your dimensions and your design

and  I make also belt holder (one or two) so paint will cover everything on the end

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Wall Kake

something for your weapons and equipment,

 some more versions,

below is sample how it look with bokken and jo, butit could be for Katana or something else

some measurements and colors of stand, are adjustable, you just say what you need

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Tessen, bokusen, mokusen

Helo Buyu's,

this is something that almost all know as Tessen, some say Bokusen, other  say  Mokusen, which is probably same thing, as boku and moku is same

until I find real name for this I will call it, wooden tessen

so below you could see my new there basic shape of tesen, Sensu gata, Gunsen gata, and Maiohgi gata.

Again I try to make something authentic, but functional, not only for training but it could be good also for self-defense.

soon more info and pics,

inyo tessen, padouk wood  and hornbeam wood,

some older versions

Gunsen gata Tessen, made of ipe and hornbeam

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Bujinkan Dojo Hanbo

Dear Budo friends,
In the beginning of the New 2013. year,  something to start with
Hanbo is first weapon in Buki waza and every beginners start  Buki training with this tool.
The hanbo can easily find, create or adapt from some handle,
however most practitioners want, quality hanbo that shows their membership to Bujinkan or any other organization or martial art.

this Hanbo was made from hornbeam wood, with straight texture, which will guarantee that the cane will not break, the structure hornbeam and compactness without large porosity makes it durable