Sunday, 28 December 2014

Naeshi for training

Here is one of possible version of Naeshi for pracice,
made from beech wood, length is 40 cm.
Naeshi  usual is truncheon (metal bar) similar Jutte but without Kagi(hook), in few shapes and this is one of them.
To some Naeshi is 25-30 cm long and 1-2 cm thick in diameter, it could be made from iron, bras or wood.
The cross section could be round, square with cut edges, hexagonal or octagonal.
Naeshi may have a Tenukihimo(cord) with Fusa(tassel) attached on round or heart-shaped ring to keep weapon secure. Sometimes Naeshi refers to any wooden stick shorter than three shaku(90 cm), also known as Nayashi.

O-Dachi bokken

Here is few  photos of O-Dachi bokken, that was made in March 2013,
still work on saya toool for this kind bokkens.
Length of blade is 130 cm, and length of tsuka is 50 cm with 114 hishigami under itomaki