Friday, 28 December 2012


Dear Buyu's,

due to constant improvement, here's another novelty from my little workshop
 The aim of kaeritsuno is to catch the obi(belt) when you pull out the blade so that saya won't come off at the same time

If you look at the professional literature about Nihonto, or look offer of antique Nihonto, you will see that Kaeritsuno most commonly appear on Kodachi and Tanto koshirae 

more about this kodachi you could find on my   Koryu Buki blog (here)



Aikuchi knife 

soon more info

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Old look Kunai

some say that Kunai is real and first weapon of Ninja,
I try to find original look kunai's on net but also in old Ninjutsu books,
this new knowledge I have tried to incorporate in my new models Kunai's for training,

on pic. below  you could see  my new rustical, old look Kunai,  finish on this Kunai is handcut,
 idea is that hand cut marks look like hammering traces

so here is picture who show original kunai

as you can see we are talking about simple tools, simple process without fine finishing techniques, you could clearly see the traces hammering

so here is few new options of finishing on Kunai for all who like to order 

and here is three  basic form of Kunai

every of this forms have his purpose ...

soon more