Thursday, 25 August 2011

training shuko

Hello Buyu's, 
here is older pictures of my new improved Plastic Shuko for training,
tested plastic, rubber spikes, original look, safe for training, 
makes this new Shuko claws ideal 

When I create a weapons for training, the most important to me that this weapon looks like the original as faithfully as possible,
maintaining the original appearance, it is possible to get a realistic feeling during practice, as permitted by technology of making, and characteristics of a material

normally, rubber spikes in this case it would not do what they do steel spikes, but during the practice it is not their purpose anyway.
Since each weapon has a physical aspect, it has also psychological aspect, in this case the mental aspect is met,
if you ask yourself how, in moment when  rubber spikes touch your skin,  
especially facial
you will realize that neither the physical (material), aspect is not neglected, because it will be clear to you what would happen to you with metal spikes in this case.
From my humble point of view, meet the  substantive and mental, it is very important in the development of weapons of practice.
Otherwise, it lacks an essential part of practice.
Dose of reality, even an imaginary one, it is important that our training would not be turned into a children's play.
Therefore, equipment designed in this way, helps our awareness during training, because Budo and Sport are not the same thing,
So I hope you understand the difference between cheap equipment, streamlined appearance, mass-made, which some Budoshop's sell,
and this what me and few others are make to improve the quality of practice.

It's also good to know that type of plastic ​​from these Shuko are made, was tested to the pressure of 10 bar=145 psi, which makes them unbreakable

If someone of you visit Hombu Dojo or if you be on Daikomyosai 2009,  you could see that Soke Hatsumi also have one of this shuko, which I gave him as a gift during my visit to Japan 2004, it is one of first versions, but still in one piece

here is video from this Daikomyosai (on 0:30 you could see shuko)


on picture above you could see that wrist ring could be in one piece, or cut it so could fit one anybody's hand, which historically also correct, because there was many variations of this weapon,
also wrist ring could be adapted to your hand if you have bigger hand

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Hira-sankaku Su-yari

Hello my Budo friends,

here is few new pictures of my new Hira-sankaku Su-yari

I improve this type of Yari adding more details like is Kabura maki or Chidome, also new Ishizuki or Hirumaki, on blade in new octagonal Kerakubi, Tachiuchi is wrap better etc.
Enjoy in pictures 

if you think that is all, well my friends there is more :-))