Monday, 23 April 2012

Kunai shinken

My dear Buyu's I have some time to finally finish my "live" kunaiso here is some pictures for start,
later I will write something more about him, mainly blade is made ​​of steel and the handle of an ordinary iron welded to the blade, thereby prevent cracking handle when I throw kunai or when is use as leverage for breaking.


Monday, 16 April 2012

Kumade hook

This is Kumade which I make in version of hook for climbing.
As you know (or do not know) Kumade exists in several versions, 
in this version of the hooks for climbing or grasping an opponent, with two branches, three branches (this which I did) or with four or more branches. 
 There is also in a version that is placed on poles, similar to Yari, but instead of the spear head was placed Kumade, I will soon make this one too.

This kind of hooks for climbing has its own advantages, which normally depend on the method and place of use, the laws of physics do their role, which is the advantage of what I want to say something.
The moment when you throw  a hook of this type, gravity affects the spikes to be turned down, which ensures that the spikes thrust into an opponent or will grasp some support for climbing.
Other types of benefits, refer to the quality of the reception area, it is a lot better if you ensure with three or more spikes than one or eventually two, 
however it all depends on the proper technique of using

 I was made this one for my dojo museum,
a little black paint and is already better, if you need more info about this tool send e-mail