Sunday, 30 September 2012

Kunoichi's Neko Te

Dear ladies,
I apologize if it seems that I forgot about you in my work.
This is one of the projects that was a long time in my drawer (there are still plenty of),
 I planned to present it on the first Kunoichi TAIKAI, but unfortunately due to personal problems remained unfinished until now.
In front of you is the simplest version of Neko Te for training, it was made of rubber to be safe and prevent injuries
I have a similar version of the metal, on which I still work, to make it easy to adjust the size of finger person which will use it.

According to the book "NINJUTSU History ad Tradition" from Soke  Hatsumi, this weapon of Kunoichi we called "Neko te"
Originally, this instrument of female Ninja is made of leather and steel,
Neko te, fingertip weapons, as the book says, turn a Kunoichi's hand into a death- dealing claw,
how you are use it, I live up to you or your sensei's .
As for the technical side I can say that this tool requires adjustment to the size of your fingers
soon I will explain how you can easily make a measurement of your finger, if you decided ask me to make this tool for you.

Anyway, I will add new info about this project so check this topic from time to time if you are interested.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Jutte with jabara ito

Dear Buyus,
in line with the improving quality, here is more variations  of  truncheon called Jutte,
handles are bound with Jabbara ito.
Colors of bindings are now olive green, wine red and dark blue, there will be more.
As you see for the first time there is the octagonal Jutte,  it is possible to make a hexagonal, but I'll leave that for another project
more info soon 

Friday, 7 September 2012

Large rokushaku Bo

Hi to all,
if you follow the Soke 's books, then you surely saw this huge octagonal rod Bo.
  In the pictures below you can see the difference between the standard rod 3 cm thick and this thick.

White stick is made of hornbeam wood (weight is 3 kg)
a brown stick is from South American IPE lapacho wood (weight is 3.5 kg), they have not been varnished or oiled, so far.

If any of you decide for something like that, all the dimensions can be according to your wishes.
Such a big stick is good for training and for the fight (if you are strong enough and agile)

Why is it good for training?  Except the weight
that will force you to pay more attention to Kamae, and you will need more to look at a balance that would be disturbed by the movement of heavy rod
thickness plays another important role, because some Koryu schools in Japan have used this thick stick's and bokken's too.
thickness  it  changes the grip, in this way, fingertip taking most of the weight, because of the thickness we can not completely close the fist (see pic.)

Monday, 3 September 2012

Bo shuriken

Bo shuriken, basically  it is kind of nail,
in the old days nails were made by hand and they were in the intersection square, rather than round like today's (see photo)

 different school, and different shapes

soon more info, but also You can click on the "Idea's", where I write about how to make Bo Shuriken