Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Nagamaki Koshirae look, version "A"

This is PAART  Nagamaki "A"  version, Koshirae look,

made from single and strong piece Beech wood, with natural curvature on blade,

Friday, 22 February 2013

Tachi Ken Bokken

for now just pictures,

more info after seminar : )

and better pics

Shikomi O-Tanto

here is one Shikomi Tanto made by customer request, so I call it Shikomi O - Tanto,
because blade is 27 cm, normally I could make it even longer, all by your choice

enjoy in pics

and this was before back paint, so it could be also natural wood or brown, red etc.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sandard PAART Naginata

Dear  Buju's,

after long time I menage to make some pics of Naginata which I make for years with some modifications,

so what you could see below this is last version from last year, this year I will make one more modifications to complete this Standard PAART  Naginata with Koshirae look.

Koshirae look means that this practice Naginata have all important details like is on real Naginata (ishizuki, kabura maki, tsuba)

Colour of wrap you could chose, and colour of kabura maki, gold and red is common colours of kaburamaki  (dark blue is available too) 

if you need more info about this Naginata contact me by e-mail