Sunday, 27 October 2013

Ken with Fudo Myo blade

Last version of ken

Short Ninja biken bokken

This version (shorter than common) of Ninja sword is made by info from Shihan Alex Esteve,
 for his Dojo

Shikomi Tessen

This is one of several versions Shikomi tessen, blade hidden in shape of tessen,
 I made this one 2008. for present so if you interested let me know

Te yari

The name Te yari may not be correct but makes sense to me (te -hand and yari- spear), 
the use of this tool is primarily for small spaces or interior, tool length varies from 35 cm to 95 cm, and for same purpose can be used any Yari in shirasaya(pic. below)

version which I like is this from book

here is one of my older training versions