Tuesday, 1 November 2011


 This is a Daisho bokuto, I called them the basic version,
you may find it similar to other bokken that you can buy, but I assure you it is not.
If you look at the details, curvature, lines, you'll see that I have tried ( in my way) to unify Bokuto and Shinken
I am aware of the fact that any piece of wood or branches, can be used as a bokken or bokuto, but it is valid when you are in nature, and do not bring your bokken with you.

However, when you're in the dojo, and if you respect Budo, then I think it deserves at least one good bokken or bokuto.
In way that person choose Shinken,  the same principle applies equally well to bokken, at least this is my humble opinion.
This could be called the most widely used form of blades, although it is actually difficult to say, given the range of the blade, which the Japanese blacksmiths through the centuries have.
Because people mostly purchase a similar type blade, and the curvature is not too large, so it is possible make such a Daisho of exotic wood planks,  I decided that this becomes the basic form of Daisho from my workshop, that's why I called them the basic version