Sunday 31 March 2024

Suburi Naginata

Suburi Naginata?

dear Budo friends, I'm slowly getting back to making wooden equipment for martial arts. Here is another project of mine, I can't say if something like this already exists in the world of Budo, but this is one of my contributions to those who take their martial art seriously. Since Naginata is a separate weapon and skill in some schools, I believe that serious practitioners need to raise their training to a slightly higher level, especially those practitioners who practice cutting with a real Naginata.

So it is a Naginata, which is slightly thicker, heavier, and a little longer. With this in mind, you probably know the benefits a training tool like this brings to your training.

The movement and simulation of combat with this type of Naginata is something that is definitely worth trying.
Apparently there are records in a densho scrolls of some old schools (Koryu Ruha) that they used this kind of heavier naginata for training to increase precision and power, which make sense to me.

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