Saturday, 5 November 2022

Wooden Tsukushi Naginata

 Hello  Budo friends,

for a long time (again) it was not new posts, not that I didn't work, but sens I change my regular job.

There is one weapon (Tsukushi Naginata) about which I think long time and finally it is made first one. As far i know this is first wooden and practice Tsukushi naginata on net and maybe in the world.

From my first steps in Budo world, my thinking was that every decent and serious Dojo should have the possibility to show the student and provide a serious insight into the weapons they teach as well as a deeper insight into the origin and variations of some weapons.

This type of Naginata was created on that trail. There is a small chance that someone could afford an original and real blade, so I tried to incorporate all the essential elements into this weapon so that the practitioner has as faithful a feeling of the weapon as possible.

More about this weapon you could fine on net but I will also will write more about technical aspects and characteristics of this particular weapon.

The Tsukushi Naginata from the picture is made of hornbeam wood from two pieces, similar to the original, the blade is one piece, the handle is another piece, but they are joined with a special joint and glued, with the addition of a special screw so that the weapon be strong when get in contact with opponent's weapon.

For start some pics.

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